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artlii energon 1 hd home theater projector with zooming

Your Home Theater

HD immersive viewing experience on a Giant Screen

Good Contrast Performance

High Contrast can enlarge visual brightness to eyes, and makes the picture easy to watch. At the same time, high contrast brings more details to dark and bright part of the picture, enhancing movie experience.

artlii hd 1080p supported home projector new in 2019

Sonorousness & Silence

Double Built-in Dolby stereo speakers (AC-3) give you the best listening experience ever.

Stereo sound and mega bass are equipped, No extra amplifier or speaker is needed.

Upgraded noise suppression technology, the fan noise is reduced significantly.
artlii energon 1 home theater projector with upgraded noise suppression technology

Extra Brightness & Adjustable Scale

Energon delivers HQ image with 4500 Lumens, a vibrant and extremely clear watching experience is undoubtedly guaranteed, 20% brighter than similar home projectors

In addition, you can adjust the screen percent-by-percent from 25% all the way up to 100%, which enables variable screen sizes.

energon 1 hd home theater projector 4200 lumens with zooming
Touch Screen & Advanced Cooling System

Energon1 is our first ever product equipped with a built-in touch screen control system, viewing experience have never been so smooth & sensible before.

Our cooling system is impressively advanced due to multiple rhombic designs, the temperature of the projector is always kept within the safe range.

energon 1 touch screen home theater projector

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